NiSi 138mm Mounted Linear Polarizer Filter


  • Reduces or Removes Reflections from Non-Metallic Surfaces
  • Enhances Color Saturation
  • Fits Directly into 138mm Matte Box Donut
  • Ultra-Low Color Cast
  • Made of NiSi Water White Optical Glass with Polarizing Film

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The NiSi 138mm Mounted Linear Polarizer Filter is a linear polarizer made to fit directly into the 138mm donut of a matte box. It can be rotated before being locked down to offer variable amounts or polarization and works to increase color saturation while reducing reflections off of non-metallic surfaces like water and glass. Polarizers also reduce distortion and control the transmission of light from computer screens.

The NiSi 138mm Mounted Linear Polarizer Filter has an aluminum frame that surrounds a piece of NiSi Water White glass with a polarization coating.


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