NiSi Cinema 4×5.65″ Allure Mist White Filter (1/4 Stop)


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  • Reduces Overall Flare and Contrast
  • Produces Mist Effect
  • 4mm Thich
  • Optical Glass Construction
  • Soft Pouch

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The NiSi Cinema 4×5.65″ Allure Mist White Filter (1/4 Stop) produces mist effect and reduces overall flare & contrast. Numerous strategies have been developed for softening or diffusing images to create that special ‚Äúatmosphere” by softening excess sharpness and contrast. Lighter strengths of Allure Mist can be used to soften modern cameras and lenses.

The Nisi 4×5.65″ Range is compatible with all leading brands of matte boxes that fit the Nisi 4×5.65″ standard. The cinema filters also conform with the 4mm thickness allowing them to fit into filter cages or slot into cageless designs. A leatherette pouch is included for storage and transport. Also available is a larger filter case to organise and keep multiple filters at once.

Additional information

Filter Size

4 x 5.65"

Filter Type

1/4 Stop, Allure, Cinema Filter




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