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The Ball Free Set from Novoflex is ultra-compact, non-locking support which consists of three separate components; a ball mount, shell, and support leg.The idea behind the Ball Free Set is to provide the user with a miniature monopod of sorts, capable of resting on top of any surface and settling in any position. The support leg features a rounded foot that can rest in nearly any position while supporting the non-locking “shell” – a basic seat for the ball mount with an integrated 90° notch. With the ball sitting within the shell, the user can position their camera in any way they see fit to frame their perfect shot. The non-locking design also allows users to re-position quickly without the need to fiddle with adjustment knobs or dials.

Although the Ball Free Set may not replace a full monopod or tripod, it can serve as a great portable alternative for photographers requiring greater flexibility when shooting action, wildlife, macro, or product photos. However, for those wishing to adopt the Ball Free Set to a larger support system, the Shell is capable of mounting atop a tripod or monopod in place of the standard support leg. This allows users to preserve all the features of the Ball Free Set without the restrictions of height or added stability.


Includes Ball, Shell, Support Leg

Free Moving Support System

Non-Locking Design

Compact and Easily Dissembled

Adaptable To Larger Supports

90° Tilt

1/4″-20 Camera Mounting Thread


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