Novoflex MAGICBALL FREE 50 Set with Housing


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The MagicBall ball head series is yet another example of NOVOFLEX‘s outstanding ability to develop innovative and practical accessories. Part of the secret is the large, grippy point-and-fix handle. The handle is used to position the MagicBall exactly, then a simple twist fixes it firmly in place. You have instant access to 85% of a sphere, making this far and away the quickest to position the ball head. There is no vertical notch necessary.

The surface is coated with a scratch-resistant, smooth shell which reduces vibration transmission while allowing the user to move the gear with ease and expedience. The knurled wheel allows simple and safe camera mounting.


Easy to operate

7kg load capacity

Fast single-lock solution

Built-in 1/4”- 20 screws to mount the camera directly


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