Sunwayfoto DDC-26LT Universal Mini QR Clamp Kit


  • Mini QR Clamp Kit
  • PT-26R QR plate included
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with both Arca and RRS clamps

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The Sunwayfoto DDC-26LT Universal Mini QR Clamp Kit QR-Plate and Clamp Combo consist of one DDC-26L Clamp and one PT-26R QR Plate. This combo features a light-weight design, and compatible with a mini tabletop tripod and is small and light for easy carry. The included PT-26R quick release plate is compatible brands including Sirui, RRS and ARCA-SWISS. The DDC-26LT features two strap mounts that can be used for a wrist strap or neck strap.

  • T6061 Aerospace-grade aluminum material ensures the clamp is light and strong enough, elaborately CNC machined and type III hard-anodized finish provides better resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Compact structure and beautiful design.
  • Light-weight design, we minimize the weight without influence to the performance and functionality of the product.
  • Bubble level on the DDC-26L for easier composition.
  • DDC-26L clamp uses a screw-knob design for better compatibility with QR plates.
  • 3/8” standard thread socket at the base so the clamp can be mounted on a tripod.


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