VisibleDust FlexoDome Sensor Cleaning Accessory for Pentax K-Mount Cameras


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VisibleDust FlexoDome Sensor Cleaning Accessory for Pentax K-Mount Cameras

FlexoDome™ features a ring to be attached to each specific camera body for hands-free operation. The cup on FlexoDome™ is uniquely designed to accept a variety of nozzles from different bulb blowers. Once attached to the camera body, FlexoDome™ acts as a fence against accidental contact between the blower’s nozzle and the camera’s sensor. The followings are some advantages of its use in sensor cleaning;

  • FlexoDome™ acts as a fence against the sensor contact and blower nozzle allowing the operator to invert the camera’s sensor downward without the fear of entering the chamber area damaging the sensor. This method facilitates the removal of heavier particles based on gravity action. However, this seems to be an impossible task when the camera’s sensor is faced upward acting against gravity. By using FlexoDome™ one can remove all dust particles regardless of their size.
  • Some bulb blowers use shorter or narrower openings in their nozzles to increase the blasting power of air and to avoid sensor contact. However, this results in higher friction between air molecules passing through a narrower opening, generating higher static charges, turning the sensor into a dust magnet.
  • Another problem associated with the increase in blasting power of shorter and narrower nozzles are the projectiles generated by this method. These sharp microscopic particles hit the sensor with more force damaging the sensor coating and creating images resembling the moon’s surface. FlexoDome™ eliminates the need for shorter and narrower nozzles in bulb blowers allowing a directional blast for more efficient dust removal. Directional blast maximizes the efficiency of a traditional blower in removing dust particles without creating adverse side effects.

Thus, FlexoDome™ creates a safe fence against accidental contact between bulb blower and sensor surface, by taking advantage of gravity action and directional blast, it maximizes dust removal efficiency. The use of FlexoDome™ and VisibleDust bulb blower Zeeion™ creates a powerful combo tool for professionals and amateurs as the first line of defense in-camera sensor cleaning.


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