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Photography Weekend Workshop in Berry

A Berry Good Weekend

4th July 2021

Finding my Photo Tribe
When I moved to Sydney, seriously stepping onto my photographic pathway, I knew I’d need likeminded people to connect with. Sure, networking for job opportunities was a part of it, but more than that, I wanted inspiration to help develop my photography through critique and praise, to be stretched to better myself with each photographic shot. I got all of that by joining The Aperture Club. In a way, being a photographer is a solo sport, but when you find a team made up of more lone sailors, you can at least share your tales of the sea when you’re back onshore.


Berry Weekend Away
This weekend was the first time I’d ventured out as part of The Aperture Club In Focus group of Photographic enthusiasts to explore, glimpse, study and capture the Southern Coastal village of Berry and surrounds. As it turns out, Berry is the quintessential spot for all things photography and with a bourgeoning foodies’ scene, ticks all boxes on the long weekend wish list too. Only, as a photographer our search for the perfect sunrise and sunset means we’re chasing the light from dawn till dusk. It might stop there, until the suggestion of a night shoot emerges, complete with light trails and flame throwing. The Aperture Club made sure all angles of a photographic weekend away were covered.

The Thrill of a Photography Adventure

Waking up to your roommate shuffling a tripod into their backpack in the dark, while you’re grappling for a camera card or hard drive with one eye open is probably not going to sell just anybody for a weekend getaway. A photographer hears a whole different story. And as tricky as it is to carry your gear down a rocky wet beachside escarpment, fumbling to switch camera settings with frozen fingers, running against time as the sun swells over the horizon, we’ll tell you it’s a thrill! When you’ve finally captured the light tilted on the landscape like a fractured light bulb, the 4.30am start was worth it!




 The Relaxing, Fun Parts…
It’s about now though, after 5 hours of sleep, with a camera full of images and a days’ hillside trekking behind me that I crave the company of a cheeseboard, a tall Gin, and our benevolent little photographic tribe. We bundle around each other viewing our favourite shots of the day, trading tips, and contemplating how we make the most of the day ahead. Mostly though, we laugh at the crazy lengths we’ll go to in search of the perfect photo and applaud together when we see each other’s standout shots. Come and join us – there is something to be said for the company we keep.