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In Focus Spring Event – 1 Day at Mount Annan

Discover the secrets of Macro, Close Up and Wide View Landscape Photography on the 12th of October... ....with expert Brent Wilson-photographer for Gardening Australia and horticulturalist. This day long photography workshop is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts..

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The Why, What and How of External Flash

Why on earth would I need to use an external flash?  Yes we’ve all asked ourselves the same question during the initial stages of our photographic journey.  And rightly so. After you understand the basics of..

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Discover Your Inner Street Photographer

Sharon Hickey—head tutor @ The Aperture Club, professional photographer.      Discover your ‘inner street’ and take your street photography to the next level. Street photography is a creative, challenging genre that offers hours of satisfaction in defining..

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Top Benefits of Smartphone Photography

Unleash your Smartphone’s Photography Potential Smartphone cameras have come a long way and have improved by leaps and bounds today. Their popular use has almost made the point and shoot camera industry obsolete. However, in the..

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