Coronavirus impact

Workshops are recommencing from 24 October 2021.

As news about the Coronavirus continues to develop, the health, safety and well being of everyone involved with The Aperture Club is a priority.

We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and following the Australian Government updates to help reduce the risk of this virus being spread to our community.

While it’s not quite ‘business as usual’ we are not changing what we do, we are just changing the way we do it.

Check out our pop-up photo lectures that are held online

What about our On Location Workshops?

We will be starting our on location workshops again around Sydney when the lock-down comes to an end.  We will continue to take necessary precautions.

  1. All Workshops will have less than 10 participants
  2. We will practice safe distancing and point to parts of your camera rather than touch your camera
  3. We will carry hand sanitiser to be used for hygiene and safety purposes – such as washing hands and wiping  cameras when necessary.
  4. We will avoid areas that maybe crowded or where we are aware of potential gatherings
  5. Individuals will be asked
    • to stay at home if they have flu-like symptoms or are feeling unwell.
    • to bring and use hand sanitiser for hygiene and safety purposes
    • to practice safe distancing

For those who prefer 1 on 1 tuition, The Aperture Club will continue to run private 1 on 1 tuitions in safe areas around Sydney.

Stay positive and support one another

The next few months will be particularly trying for people all over the world, for many different reasons. Stay well and safe