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17th January 2021

We are very excited to announce our new 3 x 4 hr Creative Photography Workshop package where we mentor you to see creatively through new eyes in exciting and different locations.

Our Creative Workshops are best enjoyed when you know your way around your camera or have completed Fundamentals of Photography 1.

Develop your observation, communication and camera handling skills while shooting in an ‘on location’ setting. The Package includes 3 workshops (1 and 2 below plus a choice of 3A or 3B) and gives you more than 10% discount on individual workshops.

1. Urban Observer- Street PLUS
2. Portrait Exposed, and choose between
3A. The Art of Macro and Close Up Photography or
3B. Dusk to Dark.

Our Creative Fundamentals workshops will enable you to develop your unique photographic style whilst exploring popular genres of photography. In this package you can also join us on 2 of our Continuous Learning In Focus Monthly Meetings for free where we offer critique evenings and talks on an extensive range of related photographic topics.


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