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In Focus Spring Event – 1 Day at Mount Annan

25th August 2019

Discover the secrets of Macro, Close Up and Wide View Landscape Photography on the 12th of October…

….with expert Brent Wilson-photographer for Gardening Australia and horticulturalist.

This day long photography workshop is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts and will explore the world around us using both  ‘close-up’ and landscape techniques. There are many subjects and objects worthy of this photographic challenge at The Australian Botanical Gardens – Mount Annan.

We start the morning off at the Seed Bank where we will take a tour of the facilities and grounds where seeds and endangered species are collected and kept safe. The wholistic approach between the built environment and natural surrounds of the Seed Bank are worthy of time spent pictorially exploring this environmental facility.

Next we will take a short visit through the swamplands and then take a well deserved coffee break at the Gardens café.

Brent will then guide us through the unique structured hillside where native flowers are in full bloom.

Lunch is available at the Garden Café or please bring your own and we then will take in the acres of flowering fauna in the afternoon light.

If time we will circumnavigate the park and visit some unique highlights for some magical vistas.


What We Will Cover

In this day long specialist workshop you will gain insider knowledge on using essential equipment that gets you close, closer and closest. Learn how
to use lighting, from easy techniques directing sunlight to more advanced techniques using flash units and flash modifiers.

Demonstrations will cover: single extension tube, multiple extension tubes, back-focusing, wireless flash units, ring-flash v’s flash units, and combining flash with natural light.

We will also look at how to use auto, aperture and shutter priority modes to create interesting and artistic images. By using light and aperture, combined with your unlimited imagination, a whole new visual world can be yours.

We also look at how easily acquired homemade-props can take your images to a new level of exploration that give you other considerations to look
at when composing your pictures. Take home simple techniques that will enhance your camera skills and give you more confidence in taking creative close-up photographs.

Technological gadgetry should never outweigh the purpose of a photo. Brent believes it is important to balance camera techniques with aesthetics. Therefore you will also experiment with artistic techniques, learn about balancing light and shadow, designing with shapes and using colour harmonics to create dramatic artworks. Additional topics include: combating wind, adding raindrops, removing distracting elements, and artful arrangements.
You’ll also be sent notes for your personal practice and to refresh your memory.

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