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Lightroom is the new Darkroom

11th October 2016

We believe Adobe Lightroom is the software to learn and have had more and more photographers asking us about it.  So.. we are excited to announce our Lightroom program.  4 hours per session and 3 sessions in total will get you where you need to be to exploit your creativity.

Sessions will run on the following dates:
Session 1: 23rd October
Session 2: 6th November
Session 3: 27th November

Either do all 3 as a complete Lightroom package and take advantage of the special rate.
Lightroom: 1, 2 & 3 The Big Picture (All 3 workshops)

Or you can choose to book each workshop as a seperate session according to your experience.
Session 1:  Getting Set-Up and Organised in Lightroom.
Session 2: The Basics of Image Editing.
Session 3: Bringing Your Images to Life. 

Below are two images, one straight from the camera, which is muddy, low in contrast and saturation.  Using Lightroom we were able to control the contrast, saturation and create something interesting using the dancers air to keep the viewer engaged.  Best thing is this took less than 3 minutes to do!

Dancer: Tam/em>
Workshop: The Portrait Exposed.


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