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Do You Control Your Camera?…or is Your Camera Controlling You?

18th March 2018

Do You Control Your Camera…or is Your Camera Controlling You?

Manual exposure mode:

Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering, white balance, bracketing, depth of field, blur motion, freeze motion, tripod, lens cap (on or off?)… What the heck does all this mean and why should I even care? All I really want is a good selfie at Bondi Beach to show off my new swimsuit!

Well if that’s all you really want then feel free not to read on. If you are interested in taking more than just a few passing snapshots then this blog article is definitely for you.

Photography is about creativity and creativity is about choices

Granted – sometimes too much choice is actually stifling – however you do need to master a few simple controls to be able to translate what you have in your imagination to what you ultimately share on Instagram.☺

Cameras today (SLRs, Mirrorless and even smartphones) are way too complicated than they should be with menus longer than my arm (well maybe not my arm – I’m only 5’6’ – but you get my point) so you do need to understand how to use a series of manual controls to get you started.

The Aperture Club Mastering Manual Mode – Photography Workshop.
Photo- Darren Saul


Take for example, the Aperture – measured as F stops– a measure of the degree of the opening of the lens that lets light onto the sensor. The smaller the number (say F2), the more you can create shallow depth of field or background blur- giving you control over the visual effect of your photograph and also control over the viewer’s likely direction of  attention.

The photo of the monkey controlling the camera demonstrates this concept where the background is blurred and the main focus for the viewer becomes the monkey holding the camera – not the background.

I remember when I first started in photography the more I discovered the more I was hooked and I just couldn’t get enough. It’s addictive, it’s fun and it’s so fulfilling when you can express (and share) a small part of you in a 2-dimensional format.

Photography is part art, part science, part magic and once you know how to take control of your camera you will be SO surprised with your results.

Who knows – people might actually start paying you for your talents.

Mastering Manual Mode

Join us at The Aperture Club for the Mastering Manual Mode 4-hr photography workshop for intermediates ready to take control of the next level of visual creativity.
The Mastering Manual Mode course runs every 2nd Sunday of the month or you might like to check out one of our other creative workshops!!


Blog Article and Photo by Darren Saul – Tutor @ The Aperture Club


The Aperture Club Mastering Manual Mode – Sydney Photography Workshop.
Photo- Darren Saul


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