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Photography Lighting Studio set up

New – Photographic Studio and Lighting Class

18th April 2021


Join us for an exciting experience  of learning lighting in a Professional Photographer’s studio. This is not a class where everything is set up for you! This  is a hands-on workshop and  a practical way to learn  and understand the fundamentals of studio lighting.  

Professional Industry photographers Sharon Hickey and Brent Wilson will introduce you to creating and producing a still life product shoot and get you to work with a model. 

This 6 hour workshop will teach you from scratch how to set up the studio, what all the accessories do, all the basics to get you started and how to understand and control studio light sources.

Using professional flash units and accessories such as umbrellas, soft box, reflectors and cutters you will learn to create outstanding images of people and still life. You will learn the fundamentals of lighting setup which will improve your understanding of flash, how to control it and use it effectively. We use classic techniques with 1, 2 and 3 light setups. You will learn how, when and why to use reflectors, bounce boards, snoots, soft boxes and umbrellas. 

For more info https://theapertureclub.com.au/studio-lighting-photography-sydney/


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