Social Media Marketing for Events

Social Media Marketing for Events

Do you want your event to be promoted live as the day unfolds? Want to boost your social media/website hits, create awareness of your event? Get great participant engagement for the day and increase the number of visitors to your event?

The Aperture Club not only takes incredible professional photos of your event and the attendees in action on the day, we also take things one step further and introduce a social media marketing aspect to our photography of your event.

Using the advanced technology on the day, we can take photos of your event attendees and enable them to upload these photos to social media using #hashtags straight away!

Barangaroo case study/story

  • To create portrait style photography of families in one set location in Barangaroo for the Australia Day event Jan 26 2018.
  • Families and friends were invited to create their own family flag for Australia Day.
  • The aim was to take a photo of the family or individuals with their own designed flag and make the image available electronically from the Barrangaroo website from which participants could then download their photo from the day and upload it to social media.
  • The images will be re-exhibited in a 2019 Australia Day exhibition