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Top Benefits of Smartphone Photography

6th January 2019

Unleash your Smartphone’s Photography Potential

Smartphone cameras have come a long way and have improved by leaps and bounds today. Their popular use has almost made the point and shoot camera industry obsolete. However, in the present context, a smartphone camera is much more capable. While the convenience to carry it around is one thing, the smartphone’s extra processing power opens doors to a lot of prospects.

Smartphone cameras today are packed with the best technology and features that even professional photographers appreciate. So if you have a smartphone that was made in the recent years, learning to use its camera properly can help you take images that make others go “WOW!!!”. With modern smartphones in your pocket, you need not worry about carrying the bigger DSLR or mirrorless cameras with you everywhere you go. In fact, it makes a lot more sense to understand and capitalise on the benefits that your smartphone camera offers.

Smartphone cameras are “stealthy”

People have gotten used to seeing others walking around with smartphones in their hands. They are not alarmed by it. And this is good news if you love to take street photos. People will continue doing whatever they were doing without being bothered much, allowing you to capture the real essence of the street’s daily life.

Get creative with composition

Composition Example - Paris Musee D'Orsay
Example of Composition

Point your smartphone to the subject, compose, and click the photo. It’s that simple. As smartphone manufacturers invest more in R&D to make the images that come out of the camera better, it means that you can focus more on the most important aspect of photography: composition. Let the camera take care of exposure can concentrate on capturing the story that you have in your mind.

Manual controls in smartphone photography

If point-and-shoot is not your cup of tea, don’t worry… Smartphone camera apps these days come with manual exposure mode that lets you get creative with exposure. Learn how you can adjust the variables like shutter speed, ISO, and focus area manually in your smartphone camera to have greater control over the final result.

Be efficient

With the extra computing power of smartphones, complex tasks like taking an HDR image, or a panorama is so much easier. For instance, if you were to take an HDR image using a camera, you’d first need to set up the camera to take shots with exposure bracketing and then later process the image using some software. But when using a smartphone camera, it is as simple as using the built-in HDR mode. Similar is the case when you need to take a panorama. Therefore, by understanding the functions of your smartphone camera apps, you can make your work so much easier.

Edit on the go

The computing power of your smartphone handles image editing applications pretty well. With mobile version of applications like Photoshop and Lightroom, you can edit your images on the go. There are also various applications available that let you apply presets instantly to your images. It’s that convenient. And if you want to share your images with your friends, family, or even your client, doing so right from your phone is just a few taps away.

The camera in your smartphone has potential to be explored. Understand and use them right, and you will never regret not having a bigger camera with you!


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