Workshop Philosophy

Group Size

Individual attention is an important consideration in our workshops and giving you one on one attention, where possible, is our main objective. For this reason we keep our group size small. On average 5-6 people but never more than 10.


Part of this individual attention means two tutors for each workshop. One tutor is a working professional photographer and the second is our photography assistant. We are all knowledgeable, friendly, and very committed to giving you not only first class tuition but also a first class experience. If the group size is small (6 or less) we may operate the workshop with a professional photographer only.

Training Style

The Aperture Club believes the way to learn is to move out of the classroom and into the field. We pride ourselves on developing your skill-set through practical understanding and being able to experiment with guided help. On occasion, depending on what we are learning, we do teach in an indoor environment – when this happens it may be at The Aperture Club’s studio in funky Chippendale.


We select a wide variety of locations around Sydney – some iconic, others eclectic and edgy. We want to keep you challenged and inspired by introducing you to ever new sights and sounds. As we have worked in the industry for many years we have personal experience of many unique, exciting and varied locations – that have been used for magazine shoots, events and special projects, in locations the average person will not have seen or heard of.

Getting Around

In the majority of cases we will travel on foot, but don’t be surprised if public transport is utilised every now and then. For longer distances and weekend excursions we might ask you to drive yourself or use a small bus/coach, depending on what is appropriate to the workshops unique location.

What’s included

In all workshops you will be supplied with a photo cheat-sheet, which gives you technical points to consider for that particular workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop we will also email a full set of notes for you to keep and refer to at any time in the future. We don’t give you the full notes on the day because you won’t have time to read them – you will be learning in a ‘hands-on’ fashion. Reading the notes later will reinforce the various techniques you have learnt.

Camera Kits

The Aperture Club has a small number of camera kits available for you to use if you don’t currently have a DSLR camera but are keen to find out what all the fuss is about.

The Aperture Club kits include;

  • A professional photographers’ camera body
  • Zoom lens
  • Flash

Remember our wonderful city of Sydney is a place of festivals and special events, so look out for one of our creative workshops to help you take that next step in developing your creative flair – not just ‘taking’ but ‘making’ inspirational images. See you soon.

Our Different Types of Workshops

Fundamentals of Photography

Master the essentials of your camera with our most popular 4 hr workshops or combine all 3 and save with our The Fundamentals of Photography package.

Camera Essentials is designed for beginners or those wanting to refresh camera handling, menu navigation, good habits, basic photography composition and many tips/tricks.

Master Manual Mode is designed so you come to understand the relationship between Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. We explore and experiment and build our understanding of Manual photography in easy steps.

All About Composition discover how to create a well-composed picture and how to communicate your intended message clearly and effectively.

The Fundamentals of Photography package combines these 3 essential 4 hr photographic workshops and sets you up for our creative classes.

Smart Phone Photography explores the methods and approaches professional photographers use to make informed, creative decisions using mood and emotion. Corporates often ask us to teach their staff.

Creative Workshops

Our Creative Workshops are best enjoyed with a basic understanding of your camera. Develop your observation, communication and camera handling skills in specific scenarios – Flash, Street, Portrait, Macro or Travel. Our Creative workshop will enable you to develop your unique photographic style.

The Portrait Exposed: Portraiture is a popular genre of photography. Learn how to direct and pose your subject for flattering results. We use professional models or dancers to make this workshop exciting and unique.

Focus on Flash: Learn how to get the best out of your external Speedlite Flash unit and boost your creative photography.

Travel Photography: People and Places Examine the social, cultural and emotional space of people and the places they inhabit. We teach you how to pictorially capture the stories of your travel experiences.

Street Photography: The Poetic Witness (Newtown) Observing life in Newtown is like having a blindfold removed. Learn in easy steps how to photograph a unique perspective and create stories from these observations. Learn the secrets that documentary and lifestyle photographers use to get results.

Street Photography: The Urban Observer (CBD) how to become invisible in the heart of the CBD. Explore the details of the city as we take you to spots overlooked by the busy pace. Look forward to an enjoyable day rediscovering the city you thought you knew.

Advanced Photography Programs

We have designed a series of advanced programs and master classes to expand your photographic knowledge and practical experiences.

Adobe Lightroom Classic is a powerful Photo Management tool that makes digital photography easier and more creative.

  • Lightroom Fundamentals – Learn the fundamentals of Lightroom Classic in our practical one day workshop that provides you with a basic overview of Adobe Lightroom along with tips and guidelines to improve your entire digital image workflow.
  • Creative Lightroom Editing – An in-depth exploration of the Lightroom Develop Module covers some of the more creative photo editing tools in Lightroom Classic

Studio lighting can be very complex depending on the creative outcome you are looking for.

  • Studio and Lighting workshop – This hands on workshop is a practical way to learn about and understand the fundamentals of studio lighting.
  • Wedding Master Class

Don’t forget our Private Tuition for Photography or Lightroom – our team of professionals can cover any area of camera handling or post-production.

We also develop specialist workshops for your corporate team or event.