Sirui T-024SK Carbon Fibre Tripod with VA-5 Video Head


  • Perfect Travel Tripod
  • Reverse-Folding Legs
  • Includes Short Centre Column for Low Angle Shooting
  • Adjustable Center Column for Low-Angle or High Angle Shooting
  • Arca-Type Compatible QR Plate
  • Includes Soft Case and Tools
  • Weighs only 1.3kg

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This high-quality Sirui T-024SK Carbon Fibre Tripod with VA-5 Video Head  offers a secure support for your compact or system camera despite its compact design. It is easy to handle in any situation and can be packed into any bag. The legs can be folded up by 180° meaning that the tripod can be collapsed to a height of just 41cm (without head). Each leg is made of 4 sections with 3 sealed twist locks. The rubber feet ensure the tripod is steady on all surfaces. Cold-weather grips are a SIRUI standard, as is the practical transport bag. The T-024SK Series features an adjustable centre column. For additional stability, there is a small hook on the centre column to mount a weight.


The extendible and removable centre column

Reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for tripod heads or camera

Legs fold up by 180°

Sealed twist locks for secure support

hook for stabilising and cold weather grips

Colour: Black

SIRUI VA-5 Video Head

With a maximum load capacity of up to 3kg, it is the ideal fluid video head for use with DSLR, system cameras and small camcorders.

Due to the sophisticated fluid system, it allows for a soft, quiet and vibration-free movement whilst filming.

The friction of the tilt movement can be adjusted continuously. The rotary motion is fixed. The headworks extremely smoothly and allows for very precise adjustments to be made and is intuitive to use. The Safety Lock System prevents accidental removal of the release plate. In contrast to the VH series the VA Series is equipped with Arca type compatible removable plates.

For a precise alignment, 2 bubble levels are fitted.


The fluid system provides soft smooth movement

Safety Lock system – prevents slippage on the plate

Tilt friction is continuously adjustable – lockable 360 ° panoramic rotation

2 spirit levels for perfect alignment

Sliding release plate (69mm) with 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread, Arca type compatible

Removable plates glide path: 70mm

Rubberized arm (23cm)

3/8″ tripod socket at the bottom

Counterbalancing (Counter Balance): 1kg

Works with compatible plate TY-70A

Additional information


Carbon Fiber



Tube Diameter



1.3 kg

Max Load

3kg with head, 6kg

Reverse Folded Length


Retracted Height


Minimum Height


Height (centre column down)


Maximum Height