Explorer VX-R5 Vertical Explorer L Bracket for Canon R5/R6


  • Specifically designed to fit the Canon EOS R5 / R6.
  • Quickly change the orientation of the camera between landscape and portrait
  • Designed to allow the LCD screen to open fully
  • Allows full access to side ports/battery compartment
  • Compatible with ARCA and RRS quick release clamps
  • Anti-slip plate for safety and security
  • Dual mounting points ensure the L bracket does not move when it’s mounted on the camera.
  • Dual safety stops to prevent the bracket from accidentally sliding from compatible quick release clamps.
  • Lightweight machined aluminum alloy design weighing just 111g (3.9oz)

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The Explorer VX-R5 Vertical Explore L Bracket for Canon EOS R5 / R6 mirrorless full-frame cameras is a custom-designed L bracket allowing you to quickly change the orientation of your camera from horizontal to vertical mounting positions while maintaining a centre of balance through the middle of the tripod. The Explorer VX-R5 is a single-piece CNC machined aluminium alloy bracket with an anodized finish for durability and is lightweight at just 111g (3.9oz). The bracket mounts to the camera via UNC1/4″-20 screw with convex edges, anti-slip plate, and dual safety stops minimizing lateral movement to help prevent the camera from accidentally sliding out of a compatible quick release clamp. The VX-R5 is fully compatible with is compatible with both Arca-type and Really Right Stuff lever clamp.

The battery compartment and all side ports are fully accessible, and the flip-out / rotating screen of the R5 / R6 has full movement allowing it to be used in all positions.

Use of L-bracket

The ability to quickly change your camera’s orientation from landscape to portrait is one of the biggest advantages when using an L bracket over a standard quick-release mounting plate. This can provide multiple options for compositions while still maintaining balance and even weight distribution on a tripod.


The protective silicone pad protects the camera and ensures there is no movement of the L bracket when attached.

Fully Open The Screen

While the L Bracket is fitted, the screen can be fully opened and allows the screen to rotate.

Orientation Landscape And Portrait

Quickly change the orientation of the camera between landscape and portrait without needing to significantly change the composition.

Full Port Access

Custom made to fit the Canon EOS R5 and R6, the L Bracket allows for access to the battery and ports while fitted to the camera.

Captive Slot Design

By adjusting the position of the L Bracket on the camera it allows for cables with longer plugs when shooting in portrait.


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