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Lensball Cleaner is a non-alcoholic, non-flammable cleaning liquid formulated to be completely safe for all multi-coated optical surfaces, including Lensballs. Lensball Cleaner is a non-residue, streak-free, fast evaporating liquid with superior cleaning power, advantages that sets it apart from all other existing cleaners. It easily removes oil and fingerprints from the Lensball and many other items such as; binocular lenses, smartphone screens, telescope lenses, computer screens, camera lenses, mirrors, LCD screens, flat-screen TVs and eyeglasses.

The components of Lensball Cleaner remove static charge build-up from all optical surfaces, preventing dust build-up in the future. Lensball Cleaner is most effective when used with the Lensball Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.

Spray the Lensball Cleaner onto a microfibre cloth. (Do not spray directly on the Lensball)
Polish carefully with a microfibre cloth.


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