NiSi 50mm ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens T1.9 (E Mount | No Drop In Filter)


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Introducing the NiSi 50mm ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens T1.9 (E Mount | No Drop In Filter). This lens is designed with maximum micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic aberration, providing unparalleled image quality with finer image details. With a large aperture of T1.9 and soft bokeh, this lens offers beautiful background separation, making it ideal for capturing stunning images and videos.

The lens has been designed to minimize focus breathing, ensuring that the change in field of view when adjusting focus from the minimum focus distance to infinity is extremely small. This feature is particularly important for filmmakers who need to maintain a consistent field of view when focusing on their subject. With the Athena Prime Series lens, filmmakers can achieve precise focus pulls and maintain a consistent look throughout their shots.

In addition, the NiSi Athena Prime 50mm lens is matched in weight and size with other lenses in the series, eliminating the need for rebalancing on a gimbal when switching between lenses. The 77mm filter thread and matched aperture and focus rings across the range also make it easy to use lens accessories such as filters and focus gears. The focus ring features 300° of rotation with fluorescent focal scales for precise focus pulls, making it easier for filmmakers to achieve their desired focus.

The NiSi ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens with a 50mm T1.9 focal length (E Mount | No Drop In Filter) is a versatile and high-quality lens that offers unparalleled image quality, flexibility, and creative control for filmmakers. Whether you’re shooting a feature film or a music video, the Athena Prime Series will help you easily achieve your creative vision.


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