NiSi 82mm Filter Adapter Ring for NiSi 150mm System (82-95 Step Up)


  • Allows you to use 150mm NiSi filters system on a standard 82mm filter lens
  • Specially designed for using with Nisi 150mm filter holder for 95mm lenses
  • Made from aluminum
  • 82mm filter thread

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This NiSi 82mm Adapter Ring is designed to enable the use of a NiSi 150mm Filter Holder for Lenses with 95mm Front Filter Threads on a lens with 77mm front filter threads.

Aside from 82mm rear filter threads which allow it to connect to a lens, this NiSi adapter ring includes 95mm front filter threads. If a filter holder is not attached, this NiSi 82mm Adapter Ring may be used as a step-up ring, permitting the use of filters with 95mm rear filter threads on lenses with 82mm front filter threads. It features an aluminium-alloy construction for durability while remaining lightweight.


For Lenses with 82mm Front Threads

Use Filter Holder for 95mm Front Threads

Use 95mm Filters on 82mm Threads

Aluminum-Alloy Construction

Additional information



Compatible Lenses

Any 82mm Filter size lens

Compatible Holders

NiSi 150mm Filter Holder For 95mm Lenses


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