NiSi Cinema C5 Matte Box Starter Kit


  • Aluminum, Composite Plastic and Carbon Fibre Construction
  • Compact, lightweight, and versatile
  • Clamp on with no need for rails
  • Compatible with 95mm cinema lenses and lenses with filter threads up to 82mm
  • No vignetting at 15mm (Full Frame)
  • Supports 4×4″, 4×5.65″ filters and NiSi C5 Rotating Filters
  • Adjustable top carbon fibre flag
  • Included carrying pouch and adapter rings to suit lenses with 67, 72, 77, and 82mm front threads.

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The NiSi C5 Matte box system is a lightweight, versatile, and minimally designed matte box to serve the modern cinematographer. Designed to work with a multitude of lenses and provide a mounting solution for NiSi’s Cinema line of filters along with other 4mm thick filters, The C5 is crafted to meet the needs of all creators. Paired with NiSi’s new 4×4 rotating circular filters, it can fit into the workflow of a run-and-gun shooter all the way up to a full-scale production. Paired with a set of NiSi’s cinema line of filters, there is no better choice to aid in producing the creative look that is desired in camera whilst managing tricky lighting conditions.

The C5 is built to last using Aluminium, plastic and Carbon Fibre to protect the filters it holds while keeping the weight down. It features a clamp-on style with adapter rings to suit lenses with filter threads and cinema lenses with a 95mm outer diameter. The deep filter depth blocks glare and places the filter as close to the lens as possible to ensure no vignetting on lenses down to 15mm full frame equivalent. The Carbon Fiber top flag also reduces glare from any overhead light source. The holder has slots in the side to reduce wind resistance, and the 350g weight makes it perfect for aerial platforms and gimbal use mounted on vehicles.

The C5 comes packaged in a pouch that will hold all accessories that the C5 comes with to make it ready to use on set with various lenses. The holder incorporates a top entry 4×4 slot for square filters in a tray or NiSi’s Rotating filters designed for the C5. The filter tray can hold either a 2mm or 4mm thick filter. There is a side entry 4×5.65 filter slot to suit all 4×5.65 filters from ND’s to Grads, Mist, Polarisers, and more.

The C5 Starter kit includes the holder, top flag, one 4×4 filter tray, one 4×5.65 filter tray, and a pouch along with adapter rings to suit lenses with 67, 72, 77, and 82mm front threads.



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