NiSi PRO NLP-CG Adjustable L Bracket for Camera with Flip Out Screen


  • Flexible Adjustable L Bracket
  • Allows rapid switching between horizontal and vertical positions
  • Easy connection to tripod head Both sides are Arca compatible
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and durability
  • The position of the shorter vertical side can be adjusted to better accommodate the connection ports of a camera
  • A Large rubber base to reduce camera twisting and protect the camera
  • Includes magnetic wrench
  • Strong and durable Stainless steel screw
  • Retains easy access to camera battery
  • Allows the use of a flip out screen
  • Weighs only 88.3g

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The NiSi PRO NLP-CG Adjustable L Bracket for Camera with Flip Out Screen (Tripod mount point in the middle of the camera base) is a Universal Adjustable L Bracket that allows rapid switching of the orientation between landscape and portrait without making any changes on the tripod or tripod head. Both sides vertical and horizontal are Arca Compatible and will work with a wide range of Arca Compatible heads. The NiSi L Brackets have a great feature that allows the vertical smaller side to adjust to better accommodate the connection ports of a camera as well as horizontal to move away from the camera to allow extra room for cables and to allow full access to change the battery.

The L bracket is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and durability, includes a strong and durable stainless steel screw for connection to the camera, and features a large rubber base to reduce camera movement and twisting while protecting the camera. The L bracket includes a magnetic wrench to rapid installation or removal of the L Bracket.

The NLP-CG is suitable for cameras WITH a flip-out screen where the tripod mount point is in the middle camera base.

Compatible Cameras:
CANON: EOS 6D2, EOS RP, EOS 850D, EOS 90D, EOS 80D, EOS 70D, EOS 60D, EOS 200D

The ability to quickly change your camera’s orientation from landscape to portrait is one of the biggest advantages when using an L bracket over a standard quick-release mounting plate. This can provide multiple options for compositions while still maintaining balance and even weight distribution on a tripod.

Advantages of using an L-Bracket

  • Better weight distribution and balance through the tripod
  • Maintain composition when changing from horizontal to vertical orientation
  • Great for panoramic shots in both vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Allows for a full range of motion in portrait / vertical orientation when using a ball-head
  • Maintain access to the accessory ports on your camera
  • Acts as a protective shell around the camera body


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