Novoflex BB BLAU Basicball Mini Tripod


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The Novoflex BasicBall Tabletop Tripod is essentially a “do-it-yourself” tripod base that can be configured into practically any kind of set-up. The main component is a hemispherical metal piece with nine threaded 1/4″-20 holes in it that allows the height to be fixed at 2.4″, 5.7″, or 8.3″. The BasicBall system allows you to attach one rod to make a monopod two to make a “duopod,” or three to make a tripod. The basic rods can be also screwed together for increased length. With separate purchase additional extension legs, the maximum height is 13″. The BasicBall is designed for all ground-level photography. Its load capacity with the standard 7.9″ legs included in this listing is 55 lbs.


Mini Tripod with Semi-Ball Camera Base

Supports 55 lb

3 Height Settings: 2.4″, 5.7″, 8.3″

Optional Telescopic Legs


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