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The ClassicBall 3 II Ball Head from Novoflex is dual-purpose support that acts both as a standard ball head, and also as a levelling base for panoramic photography. To utilize the head as a panning base the head must be mounted to a tripod or similar support in the upside-down position. This configuration enables the mounting base to be levelled using the ball, ensuring properly aligned panoramic images, confirmed by the built-in bubble level. The ClassicBall 3 II can support up to 17.6 lb, stands 3.7″ high, and weighs just 1.1 lb.

A matte titanium finish and an all-metal design blend both form and function, and three 90° notches add to the versatility of the ball head, allowing the camera to tilt 180° in three separate positions. Advanced Friction Control allows you to adjust the amount of tension on the ball by turning a centre ring on the ball head. The grease-and-lubricant-free design prevents the ball and enclosure from attracting unwanted dust, dirt, and debris.


Three vertical 90° notches for the ball neck

AFC (Advanced Friction Control) system for precisely repeatable and defined friction preset

No change of ball position during locking, thanks to the design of the ball interior

Integrated 360° panning and 2 camera threads (1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16)

Matte titanium finish

All-metal design incorporating advanced polymer materials

Grease-free ball support

Additional information


Metal with matte titanium finiesh

Weight (kg)

505 g / 1.1 lb

Load Capacity

8 kg / 17.6 lb

Base diameter

60 mm / 2.4"

Tripod Mount Thread Size

3/8"-16 & 1/4"-20 with bushing

Quick release plate



95 mm / 3.7"


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