Novoflex FALCON Double Gimbal Head


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The modular FALCON Double Gimbal Head from Novoflex allows the simultaneous use of two cameras with different focal length lenses, so that parallel and simultaneous images may be made from the same perspective, for example, a telephoto and a wide-angle lens. It may also be used with a combination of still and video cameras. The two-camera platforms are independently height adjustable to accommodate different camera configurations and to enable interesting possibilities for prospective effect and image design. The solid aluminium construction holds up to 22 lb of equipment per side, for a total load capacity of 44 lb.

Both extension arms use Novoflex Q-Mount quick release units with integral safety pins to prevent clamping plates from unintentionally slipping out. The release units also accept Arca-type compatible clamping plates. The dual extension arms have tension adjustment for smoother camera movement, and both arms can be folded and reduce the FALCON gimbal head size for transport and storage.


Move two camera configurations in concert

Folding extension arms

Symmetrical control layout

Adjustable extension arm height

Adjustable friction control

Engraved scales for precise, repeatable setup


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