Novoflex FLEXLEI Adapter for LTM-Lens BAL-F


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Novoflex FLEXLEI Adapter for LTM-Lens BAL-F

The NOVOFLEX FLEXLEI BAL-F to 35mm Format Lens Adapter Ring is the required adapter that makes it possible for the BAL-F to accept 35mm camera brand-specific lens adapter rings (LEI-* series). It still requires a lens adapter ring.

In addition to its function as the 35mm format adapter ring, this ring has Leica screw-mount threads (39mm). This means that lenses with Leica screw-mount threads can be used without the need for an additional adapter ring.


The FLEXLEI adapts LTM lenses to the BAL-F Bellows system

This is a high-precisions, metal construction adapter

No information transfer between the lens and the bellows unit


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