Novoflex LET/NIK Nikon F Lens to Leica SL/T Camera Body Lens Adapter


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This Lens Adapter from Novoflex enables the use of your Nikon F lenses on Leica T and SL mirrorless digital camera bodies. The adapter features durable, machined construction and has a manual design that does not relay any lens-to-camera communication, thereby requiring the use of manual focus, stop-down metering, and either manual or aperture priority exposure mode. The adapter does not contain any optical elements in order to retain the lens’ original quality and also maintains infinity focus. This adapter also features a built-in aperture control to permit working with lenses lacking a manual aperture ring.


Nikon F Lens to Leica SL/T Camera

Built-In Aperture Control

Manual Adapter, No Function Transfer

Maintains Infinity Focus


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