Novoflex QLEG C3940 SET3 QuadroLeg 4-Section Carbon Fiber Leg (3-Pack)


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Create extremely stable and versatile camera support with the 3-pack of QuadroLeg 4-Section Carbon Fiber Legs from Novoflex. Designed for use with the TrioPod PRO75 modular tripod system, these 19.7 to 63.4″ telescoping legs attach to any of the system’s tripod bases. By swapping, mixing, and matching legs you’ll be able to shoot from a variety of vantage points as well as to easily achieve a rock-stable stance on uneven terrain.


Also compatible with other TrioPod systems as well as with QuadroPod systems

Four leg sections with diameters of 39, 35.5, 31.5, and 27mm

Eight-layer carbon fibre construction

Rubber feet and replaceable spikes


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