Sirui 100mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL Mount)


– Lens for PL mount

– 44mm image circle

– 29cm close focus distance

– Aircraft grade aluminium body

– Fast T2.8 aperture

– Create a cinematic feel in your videos

– Built in focus gears

– Manual focus

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Discover the perfect balance between art and technology with the Sirui 100mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens. Precision-engineered for the dedicated filmmaker, this lens has been designed to meet the exacting demands of modern cinematography while offering stunning macro capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. 8K Resolution Ready: The Sirui 100mm T2.8 is meticulously crafted to provide ultra-high-definition sharpness, making it perfect for 8K filming. Every frame is delivered with remarkable clarity and detail.
  2. Macro Filming Perfected: Dive deep into the micro-world with a short minimum focus distance of just 29cm. This allows for breathtakingly close-up shots, capturing every intricacy with stunning depth and vibrancy.
  3. Full-frame Compatibility: Designed for use with PL mount cameras, this lens offers full-frame coverage, ensuring that filmmakers get the maximum field of view and image quality from their sensors.
  4. Manual Focus Precision: Experience total control with a buttery-smooth focus ring that allows for precise manual focus adjustments. Perfect for achieving those nuanced shots where utmost focus precision is required.
  5. Cine-Optimized: Recognizing the unique requirements of filmmakers, the Sirui 100mm T2.8 lens boasts a de-clicked aperture ring for smooth iris pulls, and industry-standard gearing on both focus and aperture rings for compatibility with follow focus systems.
  6. Stunning Bokeh: With its T2.8 aperture, achieve a shallow depth of field and produce dreamy, cinematic bokeh, ensuring that your subjects stand out against beautifully blurred backgrounds.
  7. Robust Construction: Built for the rigors of professional filmmaking, the Sirui 100mm T2.8 boasts a durable metal construction, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the toughest shooting environments.

In the Box:

  • Sirui 100mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL mount)
  • Front and Rear Lens Caps
  • Protective Lens Pouch

Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker looking to expand your cinematic arsenal or a passionate enthusiast venturing into professional videography, the Sirui 100mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens promises to be a versatile companion. Embrace the world of macro filming and elevate your storytelling with this exceptional cine lens.


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