Sirui Nightwalker 35mm T1.2 S35 Cine Lens for Sony E Mount – Gun Metal Gray


– Lens for Sony E mount – APS-C
– 35mm focal length
– Fast T1.2 aperture
– 40cm close focus distance
– Aircraft grade aluminium body
– Create a cinematic feel in your videos
– Built in focus gears
– 67mm filter thread

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Introducing the Sirui Nightwalker 35mm T1.2 S35 Cine Lens, a powerful and versatile lens for Sony E-mount cameras. This exceptional lens is meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding optical performance, making it a perfect choice for professional filmmakers, and cinematographers enthusiasts who seek stunning image quality and creative control.

With its compact and sleek design in a striking black finish, the Sirui Nightwalker lens effortlessly complements your Sony E-mount camera, ensuring both style and substance. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes, immersive portraits, or captivating cinematic footage, this lens is designed to meet your artistic vision.

The 35mm focal length offers a natural perspective, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of genres, including documentary filmmaking, Cinematography, and more. It allows you to capture scenes with remarkable clarity, vivid colors, and stunning detail, creating images and videos that truly come to life.

One of the standout features of the Sirui Nightwalker lens is its impressive T1.2 aperture. This wide maximum aperture allows for exceptional low-light performance, enabling you to shoot in challenging lighting conditions without compromising on image quality. Whether you’re shooting indoors, at dusk, or during the nighttime, this lens excels at capturing sharp, noise-free images with beautiful bokeh and enhanced subject separation.

The lens construction incorporates high-quality glass elements and advanced optical coatings, ensuring outstanding sharpness, minimal distortion, and reduced chromatic aberration. It also features a precise manual focus ring with 270 degrees of focus throw allowing for smooth and precise adjustments, giving you complete control over your creative vision. Minimal focus breathing ensures distraction free footage.

Thanks to its cine-style design, the Sirui Nightwalker 35mm T1.2 S35 Cine Lens is compatible with follow focus systems and other professional filmmaking accessories. It offers smooth and precise focus pulling, essential for achieving professional-quality video footage.

Additionally, the lens features a de-clicked aperture ring, enabling seamless aperture adjustments during filming without any clicking sounds. This ensures a smooth transition in exposure, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

The Sirui Nightwalker 35mm T1.2 S35 Cine Lens for Sony E-mount is built to withstand the demands of professional use. Its robust construction provide durability and reliability, allowing you to confidently explore any environment or challenging shooting conditions.

The Sirui Nightwalker 35mm T1.2 S35 Cine Lens is an exceptional choice for Sony E-mount camera users who demand top-tier optical performance and creative versatility. With its remarkable low-light capabilities, precise manual focus, and professional-grade features, this lens opens up a world of creative possibilities, ensuring that every shot is nothing short of extraordinary.

Additional information

Lens Structure

11 Elements in 10 groups

Aperture blades


Minimum Focus Distance


Rotation Angle of Focus Ring

270 degrees

Max Diameter






Focal Length


Filter Thread




Focus Type




Lens Type

Cinema, Spherical


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