VisibleDust Arctic Beez Pulsating Cleaner Device

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VisibleDust Arctic Beez Pulsating Cleaner Device

Visible Dust Arctic Beez – Pulsating sensor cleaning from Visible Dust

The sound waves generated by Swabsonic Technology lead to small vibrations of the attached Cleaning Swab. With 13000 vibrations per minute, dirt and stains are dissolved with minimal pressure on the sensor surface and absorbed by the swab. This process is up to four times more effective than purely mechanical sensor cleaning with swabs. In addition, much fewer swabs are needed for the cleaning process, so costs are also saved.

VisibleDust Vswabs – DHAP Orange and/or UltraMXD-100 Green fit on the Arctic Beez. The Arctic Beez is equipped with a bright LED lamp, which ensures good visibility during the cleaning process, and a sturdy storage box. The Arctic Beez can be used on all DSLR sensors without image stabilization (IS).

Arctic Beez™ is a pulsating device (patent pending) with the frequency of 13000 rpm and a unique buzzing sound similar to that of bees. This vibration frequency is carried to the swab which is placed inside the device cavity. The Swabsonic™ Technology is powered by DC engine and smart electronic circuitry that generates soft sonic vibration to loosen dirt and stain on the coated sensor. It works 4X more efficiently than when the swab is used alone. One major cost associated with regular sensor cleaning is the number of swabs used per cleaning session in order to remove the stubborn stain. Arctic Beez™ helps to reduce the number of swabs used in sticky dirt situations leading to essential cost savings. This saving can accumulate over the years and seems to be significant enough to pay for a newer camera body.

Arctic Beez™ is equipped with one bright LED light illuminating the entire sensor and acting as a Swablight™. Arctic Beez™ supports a firm grip on the swab helping to achieve a better and more precise edge-to-edge sensor cleaning. Arctic Beez™ Smart Vibration Technology is designed to push the dirt in forward motion and not lateral and yet to be safe on DSLR coated sensors.

By using Swabsonic™ Technology one eliminates the guesswork and fears associated with the amount of pressure needed to apply on the sensor. The Swabsonic™ Technology allows for smooth and effortless gliding of the swab in forward motion making the wet sensor cleaning a quick and fun experience even for the first-time user.

Arctic Beez™ is only recommended to be used with VisibleDust Vswab, DHAP Orange and/or UltraMXD-100 Green.


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