VisibleDust Magic Cleaner (320 mm x 380 mm)


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VisibleDust Magic Cleaner (320 mm x 380 mm)

Visible Dust microfiber cloth for uncomplicated, efficient cleaning of optical lenses. This high-quality microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning sensitive lenses or other optics. It completely absorbs dust, dirt and completely removes impurities (such as fingerprints).

Produced from ultra-fine 0.1 denier microfibers for optimum softness and density Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth are perfect for cleaning camera optics such as lenses and viewfinders. These cloths absorb dirt, grease and moisture more effectively than natural chamois leather, leaving a spot-free finish without abrasions. To avoid scratches use a blower first followed by the Magic Cleaner with liquid for optical surfaces without alcohol.

It is recommended to use Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth in conjunction with Optix Clean™ optics cleaning liquid for all multi-coated optical surfaces for a comprehensive optical surface cleaning.


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