VisibleDust Smear Away Solution (8ml)


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VisibleDust Smear Away Solution (8ml)

The Visible Dust Smear away cleaning solution 8ml is suitable for heavy dirt such as greases, large stains and streaks. With antistatic effect! If you have a stubborn stain on the sensor of your digital SLR or mirrorless camera that won’t go away then Smear Away is your answer.

Specially formulated to protect your sensor as it cleans away oil and lubricant, Smear Away also provides an anti-static barrier to reduce further contamination.

It is recommended to use Smear Away with MXD-100 Green sensor cleaning swabs ONLY.

All of our solutions are safe on ITO and non-ITO-coated sensors.

VisibleDust liquid cleaners (Sensor Clean, VDust Plus and Smear Away) when used with VisibleDust Sensor Cleaning Vswabs are safe and effective on ALL digital SLR and mirrorless cameras


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