About Us

Sharon and her team of professional photographers are passionate about meeting people, travelling and of course photography.

The Aperture Club runs photography workshops and tours that allow you to develop your creativity, with like-minded people.

Our workshop are run around Glebe, Newtown, Circular Quay and other well kept secret locations around Sydney. We also run live online classes for those who may not be able to join us on location in Sydney.

We believe that experimenting and playing with your camera will enable you to master it quicker than studying books or trawling the internet watching videos. Our workshops are designed to give you the mindset which will open up your creativity and inspire you to use your camera. All our workshops, tours, day and weekend trips are designed to help you think like a photographer and sharpen you observation.

Discover your passion or just becoming more knowledgeable with your camera.

Allow yourself to explore new techniques and to develop a new understanding of photography.

Being part of The Aperture Club also allows you to get away from regular life, spend uninterrupted time meeting new friends, identify your interests and enjoy the fun and adventure of photography.

“We look forward to seeing you on a workshop …”


Our Team

Sharon Hickey

Director & Tutor

Sharon has been a professional photographer for 20 years, with experience and skills in corporate, media, event, editorial, travel and promotional photography.

She photographs for major Sydney events, campaigns, national and international tourism ventures. Her clients include the University of Sydney, local and national organisations, event managers, marketing and PR consultants, and national magazines. She has also run photography tours to locations across Asia with international tour operator The Imaginative Traveller.

Sharon’s work is regularly exhibited around Australia and has been shown at the Agora Gallery in New York, which showcased her stunning photographs of Australia’s native flora.

Sharon has been sharing her love of photography for many years. Check out Sharon’s website.

“Photography is unique – it allows us to see the world through an individual eye, that no-one else can capture, view or experience in the same way.”

Brent Wilson


Brent has worked in the photographic field for over 30 years, starting out at Australian Consolidated Press where he honed his skills, working alongside – and mentored by – some of the nation’s best magazine photographers.

With a passion for plants and gardening he was a natural fit as principal photographer for Burke’s Backyard Magazine, which saw him shoot a wide variety of subjects over fifteen years; from horticulture to celebrities, interiors, products, projects, pets, food and travel.

Now a freelancer, he shoots anything and everything – corporate portraits, event photography, gardens and lifestyle – and is a regular contributor as both photographer and writer to several gardening magazines. His horticultural images are represented by a large photo library in the UK.

“Being a photographer is an adventure; every day is different, you need to have many skills at your disposal – not only technical proficiency, but the ability to communicate to people from all walks of life. Above all, you must be passionate and love what you are doing”

Darren Saul


For Darren photography is both an obsession and a meditation. His areas of expertise span corporate and private events, street photography and documentary photography.

After dipping his feet into the world of digital photography a number of years ago Darren quickly realised that photography was going to be something much more than a mere hobby and it quickly became something he could just not live without. He believes photography is part magic and he is forever striving to make those evocative images that stand the test of time.

Darren is constantly striving to develop his craft further as a working photographer in the corporate and private events arena whilst continuously undertaking numerous personal projects.

Daniel Kukec


Daniel is a passionate photographer whose journey into professional photography has been a rewarding experience.

After becoming dissatisfied with corporate life, Daniel discovered his love for photography and travel and began a life changing journey that took him through South America. It was here his excitement and renewed love for photography really began.

Fast forward a few years and Daniel is now working commercially in wedding and event photography, as well as assisting other professional photographers. His true passion is Street photography – he can often be found street-side documenting the life of Sydney’s vibrant suburbs.

Daniel is passionate about helping others on their own photographic journey. He enjoys teaching and the sense of community that the Aperture Club provides in fostering creativity and knowledge for aspiring photographers of all levels.

Bhanu Uttam

Assistant Tutor

Bhanu started her photographic journey as a travel photographer in India and has had many of her images published in online travel sites such as Lonely Planet, Culture Trip, Travel Talk and many more.

She has also been published in print and inflight magazine with Air India, Air Asia and Fiji Airways.

Creativity has always come naturally to Bhanu, who worked in the family business designing and printing sarees for over two decades and then established her own Gallery to showcase artists from across rural India. To pursue and consolidate her love of photography, Bhanu moved to Sydney in 2018.

Her upbringing in India has given Bhanu an appreciation for the diversity of people; their beliefs, traditions and way of living. Understanding life and the truth in who we are is what drives her to create her images and share them with her audience. Bhanu is most at home shooting documentary, travel, portrait and street.

Brian Bird

Lightroom Genius

Brian is an avid photographer and educator that enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

His love of photography coupled with more than 25 years experience in teaching technology to technical & non-technical people has put him in an ideal position to pursue his passion of helping other photographers improve their photography skills and technique both in the field and in post production.

Brian is one of our tutors for the Lightroom Workshops.

Work with us

The Aperture Club is a team of professional photographers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with all levels of amateur photographers from the novice to the semi-professionals.

When you join our team you will be joining a rewarding and exciting program, which contributes to the creative development of highly enthusiastic photography lovers of all ages and skill levels. Patience, experience and professionalism are the must-haves to join the team. Anything else you can bring to the table is our good fortune. Our tutors are friendly, enthusiastic and creative individuals who’s first love is the art of image making.

Please contact us and introduce yourself.

“We look forward to hearing from you.”