Part of The Aperture Club’s philosophy is to support local organisations with a similar vision to ours.



The Mardi Gras Film Festival has grown considerably since 1993. It is now one of Australia’s largest film festivals of any kind, and one of the top five queer film festivals in the world. It is highly regarded by filmmakers all over the world, and is the most important avenue for promoting gay and lesbian titles to distributors and exhibitors in this territory.For 10 years, Queer Screen’s documentary festival, queerDOC, was the first and only GLBTIQ documentary festival in the world, and the annual My Queer Career competition pioneered queer short film competitions exclusively for locally produced work. Both events are now part of the Mardi Gras Film Festival.In recent years, new initiatives have grown to include special events and curated programs right across Australia, making Queer Screen one of only a handful of GLBTIQ film organisations world-over to operate a national slate of events throughout the year.Since 2013, a new film festival, the Queer Screen Film Fest, has become a major event that delivers the latest GLBTIQ movies to the Sydney’s screens in the month of September.

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Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative was established in 1987. Boomalli will celebrate 30 years of existence in 2017.The diversity of the founding members was unparalleled. The Artists were striving for recognition from the mainstream art society and the founding member Artists were, Euphemia Bostock, Fiona Foley, Michael Riley (dec.), Tracey Moffatt, Jeffrey Samuels, Bronwyn Bancroft, Avril Quaill, Fern Martens, Arone Meeks and Brenda L. Croft. This group of Artists challenged preconceptions around urban-based Aboriginal Artists. The Co-operative’s existence and continued longevity has been an enabler for hundreds of Aboriginal Artists and the ripple effect of the art has been profound, with many of our past members and present members having enduring and successful careers.The Aperture Club and Sharon Hickey have been supporting Boomalli through photographing exhibition openings, photographing art work and providing donations for Boomalli Annual $300 day fundraiser.

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