Vietnam Image Gallery

The best thing about photography is it lives everyday with you, all year round and it even goeson holidays at moments notice!

When we run photographic travel tours, we are in photography heaven. As professional photographers we love imparting our knowledge because we are truly passionate about our craft. Travelling allows us to live and breathe the lifestyles of the people and places we meet and it’s a joy to have a totally immersive experience with our fellow travellers.

This trip to the mountains of North Vietnam is a unique experience where we visit ethnicminority communities in gorgeous mountain locations. After 8 days in the north we fly totheCentral District of Hue and Hoi An an UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

We try to stay off the beaten track when we visit and really explore the local communities andtheir unique lifestyles. This tour is people and landscape based and we run this once a year.

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