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Novoflex BALPRO T/S Bellows

The Novoflex Balpro T/S tilt/shift bellows opens up completely new prospects for ambitious architecture and nature photographers. This bellow system rounds out Novoflex’s comprehensive offering of high-end bellows. Following on the Novoflex Balpro 1 universal bellows, the Balpro T/S now provides a perfect tilt/shift bellows system for cameras up to a 6 x 7 cm format. This bellows system requires separately purchased lens head and camera adapters depending on which combination of camera and lens you are trying to use.

Universal, up to 6×7:

The combination options are practically inexhaustible: virtually all 35mm and medium format lenses as well as special lenses can be used with nearly all 35mm and many medium format cameras up to 6x7cm.

Tilt & Shift functions:

Standard adjustment is 26mm horizontally, the rotation 15° left and 15° right. Provides a tilt and shift function at the front and back of the bellows. In a normal shooting position, you can take ideal photographs according to Scheimpflug. Turn the bellows by 90° to portrait format to compensate for converging lines.

Choice of lens heads:

Novoflex offers three special lens heads (Componon S) by Schneider in Bad Kreuznach for the BALPRO 1 and BALPRO T/S bellows. These lens heads are flush-mounted permanently on the bellows:

Componon S 80mm f/4.0 for 35mm format

Componon S 100mm f/4.0 for 645 format

Componon S 150mm f/4.0 for 6×6 format


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