Novoflex VR-SYSTEM III Single Row Panorama System

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Novoflex VR-SYSTEM III Single Row Panorama System

The Novoflex VR-SYSTEM III helps users achieve perfect panning shots and 360° panoramic views. The new NOVOFLEX Panorama VR-System perfectly meets the demands of professional photographers for an easy-to-use adjuster system to rotate a camera 360° around a nodal point.

For a perfect 360° panoramic shot without parallax error, it is essential to position the camera in such a way that the axis of rotation passes through the nodal point of the camera system. The NOVOFLEX Panorama-VR-System offers the full set of adjustments and rotational elements essential for taking this kind of picture. The system is suitable for portrait and landscape shots with axial travel of a maximum of 125 mm.

PANORAMA Q48 comes with built-in click-stops at 16(20°), 30(12°), 36(10°), and 48(7,5°) Steps.


Suitable for single-row cylindrical or flat panoramas.

Depending on the camera and lenses, a field of view up to 360° horizontally and 120° vertically are possible.

Recommended lenses: Wide-angle lenses with minimum 10 mm focal distance, standard zooms or tele lenses up to 135 mm focal length.


A simple, handy, and precise system.

The individual parts can be used for other tasks as well.

The panorama VR-System III was developed for the photographer, who prefers the classic, single row cylindrical or flat panorama and who appreciates the simple and handy design of the system. It is of special interest for nature photographers doing panoramic shooting as well as macro and landscape photography, using the focusing rack and L bracket for other tasks, too. The geared nodal rack is also a very precise professional macro focussing rail.


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